MTC Group with its strong commitment of providing value added services to our customers in steel industry worldwide, have recently ventured into trading of IRONE ORE (lumps and fines) and Iron Ore Pallets for our valued customers in domestic and international market. Our association with the mining companies in Nation & International market has helped us in catering the needs of the steel mills. We supply iron ore fines and lumps with Fe content ranging from 50% to 64%+ as per the requirement of the Customers.

In addition, we are also planning trading to supply Coal & Manganese Ore to the steel Industry in near future. We aspire to become one of the integrated suppliers of all the raw materials required to produce steel by the steel Mills all over the globe.


We are also a supplier of high quality Sponge Iron in India. Our high and consistent quality sponge iron facilitates steel makers to maintain high quality and reduce dependency on scrap. Sponge Iron or DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) is relatively uniform in composition and virtually free from tramp elements. It has an associated energy value in the form of combined carbon, which has a tendency to increase furnace efficiency.
  • High iron content
  • Flawless finish
  • Good quality


MTC Group is also a supplier of Iron Ore Pellets. By keeping track with the market developments, we are engaged in offering an extensive range of Iron ore pellets. Our product range is free from all ore impurities like Zinc solution, Tin & Aluminium Oxide
  • Best Quality
  • Prompt delivery
  • Reasonable Price


Coal is a fossil fuel used in electricity generation, steel production, cement manufacturing and as a liquid fuel.

These coals, when heated in the absence of air, form coherent beads, free from volatiles, with strong and porous mass, called coke.

  • These have coking properties
  • Mainly used in steel making and metallurgical industries
  • Also used for hard coke manufacturing
MTC Group deals in Coal and is catering to the fuel requirements of steel plants for making steel.

MET COKE (Metallurgical Coke):

Met Coke is primarily used to smelt iron ore and other bearing materials in blast furnaces, acting both as a source of heat and as a chemical reducing agent to produce pig iron or hot metal. It is being used by integrated steel plants, industry, foundries producing Ferro Alloys, Pig Iron, Engineering Goods, Chemicals, Soda ash and Zinc units etc.

MTC Group is importing good quantity of Met Coke from international market and supplying to steel plants in India. MTC Group regularly import Bulk Cargos of Shredded Scrap, HMS Scrap & PNS Scrap at Chennai, Vizag & Kandla Port.